Our Investment Philosophy

At Danielson Group Wealth Management, we take the most scientifically rigorous approach to investing your assets.  Our portfolios are constructed using Nobel Prize-winning research, incorporate portfolio engineering, and use modern technology to reduce risk, taxes, and fees.


Our approach is based on a belief in markets. Rather than attempting to predict the future or outguess others, we draw information about expected returns from the market itself—leveraging the collective knowledge of its millions of buyers and sellers as they set stock prices.


To put it simply, a successful investment experience is about time in the market rather than “timing” the market. 

Capital Markets Have Rewarded Long-Term Investors

Growth of $1 CAD, Jan. 1985–Dec. 2020

Source: Dimensional

For the investor who seeks to hold a portfolio that reflects their commitment to sustainability, one key consideration is whether they can adopt a sustainability focus and still have a good investment experience. For instance, is it possible to reduce a portfolio’s greenhouse gas emissions exposure while maintaining diversification and a focus on higher expected returns? The answer is yes.

By starting with a time-tested, systematic investment approach, we can build diversified, cost-effective sustainability strategies that pursue higher expected returns while thoughtfully integrating the environmental criteria that matter most to you.

A Unique Approach

From day one, you’ll realize that working with us is very different from
what you have ever experienced.

At Danielson Group Wealth Management, our first priority is to carefully listen to you and your family. Our discovery process is far more than just learning about the numbers. We take the time to understand your unique situation, your opportunities, your challenges and your hopes and dreams for the future

Our Services

The value we bring you goes well beyond choosing and managing the right investments. We delve into every aspect of your financial picture from insurance, to wills, taxes, business strategy and more. We study your overall financial plan for issues and opportunities then help you discover more ways to make the most of your money and your life.

Investment Risk profile and overall investment Strategic allocation Socially responsible investing Ongoing monitoring and rebalancing Tax efficient portfolio Annual tax review/projection Trust planning Meeting with accountant Tax Planning Retirement Planning Financial goal discovery Cash flow projections What if scenario modelling Lifestyle funding Estate Planning Will and estate planning Estate and wealth transfer Philanthropic giving Family legacy planning Insurance Comprehensive needs analysis Business & personal risk Living benefits

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