Webinar Recording: Estate Administration, Joint Partner Trusts & Cautionary Tales from an Industry Veteran

Recently, Susie Howson, Financial Planner of Assante Capital Management Ltd., hosted a discussion with Steve Ivacko, Principal at CV TrustCo for a webinar.  Click here to watch the video.

Some of the topics covered were:

  • Estate taxation 101
  • Probate in BC: what is it and should you always try to avoid paying it?
  • Alter Ego and Joint Partner Trusts: the logistics of setting up such a Trust and things to be aware of when administering them.
  • Appointing and being appointed an Executor: who should you appoint? If asked, should you accept the duty? What are the responsibilities of an executor?
  • Cautionary tales from an industry veteran…

Included in the video link are time stamps on each of the topics covered so you can skip to the parts that are of interest to you.

Mary Hamilton’s video on Key Areas of Estate Planning that Often Get Overlooked can be viewed here.

We hope you find value in this webinar and please reach out to your advisor if you have any questions.

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