Walk the Walk

We each make hundreds of decisions every day. Sometimes, we view those little decisions as less important, and see them as an opportunity to cut a corner or take something for ourselves – even though we know we shouldn’t.

Everyone likes to think of themselves as having integrity, but in those moments, we let ourselves down. This isn’t to say that we should beat ourselves up for every little transgression, but if we want to feel truly good about ourselves, as human beings, we need to step up and recognize that decisions create impacts on those around us.

Integrity is a full-time job, a practice that you don’t get a break from. But if you keep practicing, it becomes a positive habit and results in you being your best possible self. You are upholding your end of the bargain with those around you. Beyond that, there are no guaranteed rewards. Every other human you encounter will be on his or her own journey. Your integrity will not guarantee theirs, but it will guarantee a belief in yourself, and knowing, that you are doing what you can to make things right with every decision you make.