Ray’s Tsawwassen Challenge

With my family all at home, I was looking for a way to spend some quality time with my daughter Willow who had been away at Waterloo for her first year.

We were going out for walks most evenings and thought it would be fun to make a game out of it. What we came up with was to walk every street in Tsawwassen from our house.

We created some rules: 1) We had to walk there and back with no rides even if we had been to that area before and 2) We had to go past every house in Tsawwassen that had public access. We jokingly referred to it as “The Tsawwassen Challenge”.

At first, we were enjoying seeing a few homes, gardens, and areas that we hadn’t seen before. We both were surprisingly sore from walking about 6-18 kms each day, so fresh air and exercise were a win too. The real gift, however, was getting to spend 1- 4 hours together. We had lots of wonderful chats about things we never would have talked about otherwise. We got to just hang out together and be. Willow is turning 19 in September and has grown into an exceptional young woman who I’m getting to see in a whole new light.

What started out as a challenge, quickly turned into a gift. We finished the challenge in about 40 days and continue to go for walks and enjoy each other’s company.