How to empower your inheritors (5/5) – Do it Together

How does it make you feel when you’re told what to do? Do you leap to action excited about an idea that isn’t your own or are you more likely to do the opposite? Studies would suggest the latter is more likely.

This phenomenon is called reactance, which is essentially an unpleasant physiological reaction we feel when we think our freedom is being challenged. I challenge you to keep this at the forefront of your mind as you approach difficult conversations with your family. You can tell them what you want to have happen – good luck.

We’re not asking you to compromise your values, but we’re saying it may help to leave your agenda at the door, ask questions, and see where it takes you as a family. Being naturally curious will help to uncover shared ideals and help to craft a family mission statement. This simple statement will represent the collective intentions of your family. The key word there is collective; it means that the family’s adherence to the mission is much more likely. A multi-generational legacy based around a mission statement all members helped to craft: that is true peace of mind.