How to empower your inheritors (3/5) – You’re Not Alone.

We won’t sugar coat it – discussing money and death with family can be a difficult experience. No two ways about it. Where do you begin? Who should be involved? Who will steward the family when you’re gone? Know this – you’re not alone.

Done poorly, this is a process that can be rife with conflict and can lead to fracturing within your family. However, with the right team in your corner, it can be an opportunity to discuss family values and connect on a deeper level. Know that you don’t have to do this alone. It is okay to put your hand up and say: I don’t know where to start?

This willingness to admit you need the help is the first step in getting support to facilitate honest and vulnerable conversations with your family. The type of powerful conversations that help to define a family’s purpose for this generation and all those to come.