Get Out of Your Depth

And suddenly you realize… you’re out of your depth. It’s not just one thing you don’t know, it’s a whole world of things you don’t know. Suddenly, you’re wondering, “what do I know?”

You’re also wondering what people would think of you if they found out you didn’t have the perfect answer. When you are feeling like this it is not time to hide behind how smart you are. It is not time to put on an act and over-compensate for what you are lacking. It is time to show that you are willing to step up and learn, time to show the brilliance of your curiosity. Get Out of Your Depth

What you’re facing right now is an opportunity in disguise. A chance to learn and be curious is a chance to grow, and truly, it is a chance to amaze yourself with what you are capable of. Your curiosity on display can also inspire creativity in others, and with that, your own skills as a leader. In building a culture of curiosity around you, you are creating a space where innovation can emerge. Here’s another great thing about opening up to the world of things you don’t know: you are opening yourself up to new experiences, and potentially, new passions.
Be hungry to learn. Taking on new material can be hard, but when we persist our capabilities inevitably grow, and you can find muscles you never knew you had. The world is a big place, and if you don’t find yourself out of your depth occasionally, it might mean you are sticking too close to the shore of what you know already.