Free Time? Not Likely, for Time is Anything but Free

How do you “spend” your time?  Because make no mistake, time is a currency. There is a cost to how you spend it.

The cost might be a trade-off, like choosing one activity over another, but don’t fool yourself into thinking that this is a free exchange.

This is why I have never understood it when people ask, “How do you spend your free time?” Time isn’t free. As a valuable, nonrenewable resource, it’s actually quite expensive.

Setting the “free” part aside, it’s important to remember that having the option to think about how you spend your time is a luxury many people can’t afford. All their time is already spent. For some, time is allocated, from birth through the rest of their lives, to work and survival.

All of this leads to a simple reminder: Spend your time wisely.

Written by Carl Richards