Embracing the Unknown

Aside from death and taxes, we can count on change to be right around the corner. It seems to be accelerating these days, moving at a pace that’s nearly impossible to keep up with. So what can you do?

We could defend our territory, our expertise and our way of doing things and watch the tide of new knowledge and technology lap up higher and higher at our shores or – we could jump in and start swimming.

Go back to school, read a book, sit down and have a long chat with someone who lives and work in an entirely different realm than you. All of it counts as education, and staying open to it will keep you afloat, and ensure you don’t get left behind. Doggedly pursuing it will take you on amazing journeys.

The current of change will start to feel like an exciting ride – instead of a terrifying one to be avoided. As your learning continues, you’ll see solutions where you previously saw problems. You’ll embrace complexity, diving in with new tools for navigation and understanding. Embrace what you don’t know, and allow yourself to be changed by learning.

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