A Look at the Ukraine Crisis, Market Volatility, Inflation and More

Many events have been dominating the financial news in early 2022, such as the Ukraine – Russian crisis, rising interest rates, higher inflation and increased market volatility. Dimensional’s Jake DeKinder and Mark Gochnour discuss these issues and many more in their recent webcast.

Presentation slides from the webcast can be accessed here.

Below are some important timestamps for the video:

2:05 – How have markets been reacting to the Ukraine conflict?

4:15 – Key principles to remember in times of instability

8:25 – The market’s response to past crises

16:00 – Market volatility so far in 2022

22:00 – What should an investor do? Maintaining discipline through periods of volatility

26:25 – How is Dimensional treating Russian stocks?

27:25 – Inflation and its affects on returns. Is there a pattern?

33:50 – Will Inflation hurt stock returns? Not necessarily…

40:50 – What to expect going forward

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