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We believe that informed investors make better decisions. When you understand how markets work and how human psychology can get in the way, you are more likely to stick to a long-term plan. Developing the skills and knowledge to make smart and informed decisions helps you become more financially confident and empowered. We share our insights and experience through these articles, research pieces, videos and white papers.

  • Transferring the family vacation property: now or later?

    Across the country, a vacation property may be known as a cottage, cabin, chalet or camp. One thing they all share is a looming tax liability.

    When a vacation property is sold or transferred, the owner must pay tax on the capital gain. If an individual purchased a vacation property for $300,000 and sold it for $800,000, they would realize a capital gain of $500,000. Fifty percent of the gain is taxable, so their taxable income would increase by $250,000 in the year of the sale or disposition.

  • When you retire, financial literacy expands

    Wealth planning doesn’t retire when you do—it just changes. Now financial life is largely about making the most of the wealth you’ve accumulated. You’ll be learning about new rules, products and strategies that involve a broad range of financial considerations.

    Fortunately, your expanding financial literacy doesn’t have to happen all at once. You can acquire new knowledge gradually as needs arise.

  • Ways to save for a child’s education

    A Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) is widely acknowledged as the number one way to save for a child’s education. However, many Canadians use an RESP as the foundation and complement the plan with another investment vehicle.

    Why would parents or grandparents choose an additional way to invest? Usually, it’s to accumulate more savings or gain enhanced flexibility.

  • Is downsizing the right decision?

    When retirement is on the horizon or you’re already retired, you may start to think about downsizing. Often, it’s a difficult decision that involves considering a variety of financial, psychological and practical factors.

  • Global Travel Bucket List – Robin Esrock Event

    Discover the captivating Global Travel Bucket List event featuring renowned speaker Robin Esrock. Join us for an inspiring journey as Robin shares incredible travel experiences, igniting your wanderlust. Get motivated to plan your next adventure now!

  • Why the Wisdom of the Market Crowd Beats AI

    Can artificial intelligence help pick stocks? More specifically, can investors use AI to determine the fair price of a stock or a bond? I bet a lot of people right now would say yes, given recent advances that allow for the processing of ever greater amounts of information.
    I think my AI is better than all the other ones out there. My AI is the market. Sure, AI and algorithmic trading can help the execution of trades. But there’s no reason to think that AI should fundamentally influence the way people think about stock prices anytime soon.

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